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Undergraduate Research

Why Consider Research?

Our students talk about their research experiences and why you should get involved.

Research is exciting, challenging, and pushes you out of your comfort zone to greater heights. Research develops personal and professional skills and gives you the opportunity to explore your curiosity and learn to embrace discovery. Research is a unique and important experience because it has limitless potential for growth in all areas of campus.

Grace Beauchamp, Chemistry & Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Earley

While most classes teach you about what is already known, research puts you on the cutting edge. You get firsthand experience into the material you are learning and may help change the knowledge base of the field. And while research may feel daunting, there are so many people who can serve as a support base such as faculty mentors and peers who want you to succeed and who help to guide you through the process.

Research is an integral part of the university and having even a small part of that is extremely beneficial to your college experience.

Amy Cox, Communications Disorders
Mentor: Dr. Paul Reed

Students should get involved in undergraduate research because it allows students the opportunity to both learn and apply their knowledge outside an academic context. Through research, I learned about cutting-edge advancements in technology that I never would have learned about in a class. I had to think creatively about solving problems, and enact my solutions.

Research helped me learn to adapt and stay flexible when things don’t go to plan.

Aubrey Dettman, Mechanical Engineering & Art History
Mentor: Dr. Amanda Koh

Being a part of research has been a major highlight of my college experience. Coming from a background of not much lab experience, to within a year and a half being a published author on a scientific paper has not only help me as a student, but has allowed me to gain confidence within myself and see the impact my research could have on other people! Research is an extension of the classroom and I think all students should experience the impact doing research, putting the hours and hard work, can have on not only you as a student but also aid you in your future endeavors and make a lasting impact!

Teralan Hobson-Matthews, Biology
Mentor: Dr. Brandon Kim

“One invaluable lesson I learned from my research experience is the importance of resilience in the face of challenges. Research inherently entails encountering obstacles and setbacks, but it is the ability to persist and adapt that ultimately leads to success. I learned that setbacks are not indicative of failure but rather opportunities for growth and innovation. This resilience mindset is transferable beyond research and holds immense value in navigating life with determination. I am highly interested in the research area I explored in my UA 156 class and intend to keep learning more about it. The experience has made me even more curious and motivated to pursue further studies and contribute to the research community.”

Julianne Falcone

“Research has opened up numerous opportunities and growth for me academically and professionally. First, it has given me a trademark and unique experience that is an incredible talking point on my resume. My research displays and has grown my skills in problem solving, creativity, statistics, and the ability to work through challenges. hat I have unexpectedly gained out of the project is personal development. My time management, beliefs in self-efficacy, and altruism for the world have all developed. I executed balancing schoolwork, GRE prep, my relationships, and research through the demand forcing myself to become more proficient in time management and intentional with the time I have left in college. Utilizing my time more effectively with research while balancing school and social life led me to believe I am capable of much more in my personal life than I thought.

What I have learned is that service in the pursuit of a wholesome goal can actually help my success in other areas of my life. With research, I have learned that service does not actually impede or take away time from personal success, but actually adds to it.”

Grant Ligon

“Exposing myself to research so early in my time at UA has been invaluable for my future coursework and goals after I graduate.”

Patrick Pridemore