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Emerging Scholars Program

Being a part of research has been a major highlight of my college experience. Coming from a background of not much lab experience, to within a year and a half being a published author on a scientific paper has not only help me as a student, but has allowed me to gain confidence within myself and see the impact my research could have on other people! Research is an extension of the classroom and I think all students should experience the impact doing research, putting the hours and hard work, can have on not only you as a student but also aid you in your future endeavors and make a lasting impact!

Teralan Hobson-Matthews, Biology, Faculty
Mentor: Dr. Brandon Kim


The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is an exciting opportunity for students at The University of Alabama to help get involved in research with a faculty mentor in their chosen field. The mission of ESP is to improve and enrich student learning, and to nurture student success. The research opportunities allow a student to gain experience that deepens their understanding in a field of study, to develop the necessary professional skills, to interact with a diverse group of other students and faculty members, and to learn appropriate methods and techniques for presenting professional research. ESP also benefits faculty by connecting them with students eager to learn and participate in research throughout their UA careers.