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Undergraduate Research

Why Emerging Scholars?

“I really appreciated the structure of Emerging Scholars and how I was able to tailor it to my own interests and passions without having to be overburdened by additional assignments. I think it’s a great program for anyone wanting to get started in research and I even got a few of my friends to sign up for it next semester.”

Anna Davidson

“I am grateful for UA 155 and 156 for providing me with these opportunities to pursue research and find such a great mentor. It has been such a great opportunity as an undergraduate student looking to become more involved.”

Campbell Jackson

“My research has been an extremely valuable experience and Emerging Scholars is what made it possible. Thank you for all that you do for me and for research at UA. This program has truly been life-changing for my career.”

Patrick Pridemore

“Being an Emerging Scholar and involving myself in undergraduate research this year has been one of the most developing experiences, professionally, academically, and personally in my life.”

Grant Ligon