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Undergraduate Research

Research Apprenticeship Program

The Research Apprenticeship Program provides students with established research experience the opportunity to be connected to undergraduate research experiences during their first semester at The University of Alabama.

As with all undergraduate research experiences, the mission of the Research Apprenticeship Program is to enrich student learning and to nurture student success at the Capstone by connecting them with opportunities for cutting edge research and world-class faculty mentors.

Students who have completed AP Capstone, or those who have passed the AP Research or AP Seminar exam with a score of “3” or higher, and/or those who have participated in mentored research at other institutions are eligible to apply.

Program Overview

The Research Apprenticeship Program is open to students from all majors and interest areas.

If selected for the program, RAP students will receive intentional research preparation through a series of workshops from the Office for Undergraduate Research. These workshops will prepare students to enter a research experience at UA by connecting them with research skills, as well as interpersonal skills needed for a successful research experience.

Students also have access to professional mentorship with staff members in the Office for Undergraduate Research and the ability to build community with other undergraduate researchers in RAP and through other programs within the Office for Undergraduate Research.

Preparation may include:

  1. Responsible Conduct in Research/Compliance Training
  2. Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods
  3. Introduction to SPSS/Python
  4. Experience drafting a research proposal/literature review/etc.
  5. Mentorship by OUR Staff Member
  6. Connection to Research Faculty Mentors
  7. Introduction to research opportunities at UA

Why RAP?

The Research Apprenticeship Program is a new program for students at The University of Alabama. Students who are selected to participate in this highly selective program will have the opportunity to help define the principles, values, and expectations of the program, as well as serve as the inaugural class.

One defining characteristic that we anticipate for RAP is intentional support that will be offered to each participant. From their first interaction with the Office for Undergraduate Research, student participants will have the ability to seek guidance and support in various aspects of undergraduate research while also developing the skills necessary to succeed in professional research setting at an R1 institution.