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Office for Undergrad Research

Undergraduate research can enrich a student’s undergraduate experience by offering a way to actively engage in learning outside of the classroom. Where will your curiosity lead you?

Students should get involved in undergraduate research because it allows students the opportunity to both learn and apply their knowledge outside an academic context. Through research, I learned about cutting edge advancements in technology that I never would have learned about in a class. I had to think creatively about solving problems, and enact my solutions. Research helped me learn to adapt and stay flexible when things don’t go to plan.

-Aubrey Dettman, Mechanical Engineering & Art History
Mentor: Dr. Amanda Koh

Research is exciting, challenging, and pushes you out of your comfort zone to greater heights. Research develops personal and professional skills and gives you the opportunity to explore your curiosity and learn to embrace discovery. Research is a unique and important experience because it has limitless potential for growth in all areas of campus!

Grace Beauchamp, Chemistry & Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Earley