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Undergraduate Research

URCA Poster Guidelines

The Office for Research & Economic Development will pay to have your poster printed, but you must have it printed at University Printing. University Printing requires that your completed poster design be sent as a PDF. If you have a problem converting your file to PDF format, please contact Keslie Fendley at

Email the PDF file to Lisa Stonecipher at University Printing ( by Friday, March 15, 2024. “URCA” must be in the subject line of the email. Include a description of what you need to be printed, an attached PDF of your project, the size you need, and that it is being printed for the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Conference.

Posters can be no larger than 48″ by 36″.

Poster Examples

Creating your poster is a multiple-step process. Below are two examples of what your poster could look like and the content that could/should be included in your presentation. The examples provided are there to help with the design process. The effectiveness of your visual display is part of the criteria for judging. Therefore, we encourage you to consider how your poster will best present your research.