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Undergraduate Research

Judging Criteria for URCA

1.  Research Question or Creative Objective  

  • Explicitly states the research question or creative objective and uses effective scope.  
  • Explains why the research question or creative objective is important.  
  • The research question or creative objective follows logically from previous work.  

2.  Acknowledgement of Relevant Work  

  • Clearly situates this project within an appropriate scholarly context (scholarly literature, theory, model, previous research, genre, etc.); or the work or performance clearly adds significantly to the chosen genre. 
  • Acknowledges the conceptual and methodological foundation provided by previous work. 
  • Identifies the novel contribution of this project to the field of study or society.  

3. Appropriate Methodologies   

  • Project uses methods (technique, form, or medium) appropriate for their field of study 
  • Clearly explains methods: links methods to the research questions or creative objective 
  • Acknowledges limitations of the methods and/or creative technique used. 

4. Conclusions & Recommendations   

  • Evidence supports a mature, complex, and/or nuanced analysis of the gap in research; interpretation is explicitly linked to previous work.  
  • Findings or results addressed project question or goal with clarity, context, and objectivity; provided exceptional insight.   
  • Future recommendations based on findings are clearly articulated. 
  • Key takeaways from the project are clear and cohesive.  

5. Effective Conference Presentation   

  • Presenter has chosen the most appropriate content or technique for their presentation.
  • Visual display is well-organized and professional; materials are very engaging.
  • Delivery techniques make the presentation compelling.
  • Presentation or performance is of the highest quality. Presenter is well-rehearsed and prepared.
  • Presenter responds to all questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.
  • Presenter displays completely professional conduct and presence throughout the presentation/performance.