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Undergraduate Research

Research Ambassadors

The OUR Research Ambassador team is a group of undergraduate students who have their own experience in undergraduate research and a passion for promoting undergraduate research at The University of Alabama.

The Research Ambassadors represent a variety of research disciplines and academic backgrounds, ranging from STEM to social sciences to humanities and fine arts, and they help to connect undergraduate students to research opportunities both on and off campus.  

What Do OUR Research Ambassadors Do?

  • One-on-one advising with students to help students find research opportunities and develop individualized research plans.
  • Promote undergraduate research involvement and opportunities.
  • Visit classes, clubs, and other organizations to discuss research opportunities. 
  • Participate in all events sponsored by the Office for Undergraduate Research
  • Ellie Aldred

    Research Ambassador

    Ellie Aldred

    Research & Academic Interests: Political Science, History, Anthropology

    Mentor: Dr. Richard Fording

  • Brooke Bailey

    Research Ambassador

    Brooke Bailey

    Research & Academic Interests: Biology, Business

    Mentors: Dr. Melanie Higgins, Dr. Jef Naidoo

  • Chandni Bhat

    Research Ambassador

    Chandni Bhat

    Research & Academic Interests: Chemistry, Mathematics

    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth T. Papish

  • Ian Brown

    Research Ambassador

    Ian Brown

    Research & Academic Interest: Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Pharmaceuticals, AMP Programs

    Mentor: Dr. Ryan Summers

  • Dakeya Chambers

    Research Ambassadors

    Dakeya Chambers

    Research & Academic Interest: Physics, Engineering

    Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Bailin

  • Cecilia Cordell

    Research Ambassador

    Cecilia Cordell

    Research & Academic Interests: Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Tax Policy, Consumer Sentiments

    Mentor: Dr. Yuan Yuan Chen and Dr. Amanda Ross

  • Garrett Davis

    Research Ambassador

    Garrett Davis

    Research & Academic Interests: Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pre-Med

    Mentor: Dr. M.N.V. Ravi Kumar

  • Leah Dorsey

    Research Ambassador

    Leah Dorsey

    Research & Academic Interests: Nursing, Women’s Health, Nutritional Sciences, Sleep/Circadian Rhythms Research

    Mentor: Dr. Pat Carter

  • Nick Elwing

    Research Ambassador

    Nick Elwing

    Research & Academic Interests: History, Pre-Med, AMP Programs

    Mentors: Drs. Nathan Culmer & Todd Smith

  • Fiona Gill

    Research Ambassador

    Fiona Gill

    Research & Academic Interests: MIS, Business, Internet & Social Media Research

    Mentor: Dr. Jessica Maddox

  • Madison Hasnani

    Research Ambassador

    Madison Hasnani

    Research & Academic Interests: Social Work, Healthcare, Public Health, Psychology, Youth Safety

    Mentor: Dr. Hyunjin Noh

  • Yonathan Janka

    Research Ambassador

    Yonathan Janka

    Research & Academic Interests: Microbiology, Neuroscience & Cancer Biology, Biological Sciences, Pre-Med

    Mentor: Dr. Ryan Earley

  • Anjali Kurse

    Research Ambassador

    Anjali Kurse

    Research & Academic Interests: Chemistry, Polymer Science, Nanoparticles, Biology, & History

    Mentor: Dr. M.N.V. Ravi Kumar

  • Sahuj Mehta

    Research Ambassador

    Sahuj Mehta

    Research & Academic Interests: Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Pre-Law

    Mentors: Drs. Adam Hauser and Luke Hunt, the UA Ecocar Team

  • Patrick Moore

    Research Ambassador

    Patrick Moore

    Research & Academic Interests: Molecular & Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Physiology, Molecular & Genetic Cardiology, Pre-Med

    Mentor: Dr. R. Nathan Correll

  • AJ Olliff

    Research Ambassador

    AJ Olliff

    Research & Academic Interests: Communicative Disorders, Speech, Language & Hearing Science, Neuroscience

    Mentor: Dr. Memorie Gosa

  • Carter Pate

    Research Ambassador

    Carter Pate

    Research & Academic Interests: Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Mentor: Dr. Aijun Song

  • Elise Powis

    Research Ambassador

    Elise Powis

    Research & Academic Interests: Psychology, Criminal Justice, AMP Programs

    Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Cox

  • Angel Reed

    Research Ambassador

    Angel Reed

    Research & Academic Interests: Psychology, Human Development

    Mentor: Dr. Jason Scofield

  • Sammy Sipe

    Research Ambassador

    Sammy Sipe

    Research & Academic Interests: Biology, Pre-Med, Fine Arts, Kinesiology

    Mentor: Dr. Brandon Kim