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New Interim Manager Named To Administer Research Financial Conflict of Interest

March 9, 2023
Emilee Belk
Emilee Belk

The Office for Research & Economic Development has appointed a new interim manager to administer the University-wide financial conflict of interest (FCOI) in the research reporting system.

Emilee Belk, formerly with the Office for Research Compliance, has been appointed interim manager of research financial conflict of interest and serves as the FCOI research compliance officer for UA. Her appointment began Feb. 8.

As interim manager and FCOI research compliance officer for UA, Belk’s purview is consistent with the duties and responsibilities stated in the “Conflict of Interest Financial Disclosure in Research and Other Sponsored Programs Policy.” This new position reports directly to Lauren Wilson, associate vice president. During the interim period, Belk will serve as UA’s single point of contact for all research FCOI matters.

“Federal funding agencies are continuing to increase their requirements of institutions to disclose relevant conflicts of interests for faculty and research staff involved in externally sponsored research, and to ensure identified COIs are managed. This new position emphasizes UA’s commitment to appropriately disclose, identify, and manage conflicts as they are identified. We believe UA is well served with the interim appointment of Ms. Belk. She will serve in this interim role for about six months, during which time we will consider how best to move forward with this critical function,” said Russell Mumper, UA’s vice president for research and economic development. “This change ensures efficient processes are in place to manage and protect UA’s growing research enterprise.”