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Data Management Plan Guidance

The DMPTool

The University of Alabama is a partner institution in the DMPTool community.

A group of research institutions partnered to create the online tool, the DMPTool, to help generate data management plans. The University Libraries provides instructions for logging in, getting started, and using the tool (see Resources on this page)

A list of funders (including NSF) whose data management and sharing plans are currently supported in the DMPTool can be found under DMP Requirements.

If you prefer to use a template, templates and other guidance are also available on the DMPTool website. The University of Alabama Libraries has provided a list of resources, some of which include templates. The University Libraries’ data management resources and NSF Data Management Plans can be found under Resources.

Data Management Plan Requirements

A data management plan is just a written description of what you will do with your data during your research and after it is completed. Some federal agencies now require formalized Data Management Plans. NSF proposals, for example, must include a Data Management Plan describing plans for data management and sharing of the products of research, or asserting the absence of the need for such plans.

A good Data Management Plan will help ensure that your research data is safe and appropriately available for sharing with other researchers.