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Innovation & Commercialization

For Industry Partners

Bridging the gap between innovators and industry is one of the Office for Innovation & Commercialization’s primary functions, so we look forward to partnering with you and bringing this technology to market. Whether you represent an existing business or are interested in launching a start-up, you have come to the right place. Check out our licensing process below, as well as some additional resources to help on your journey of discovery and innovation.

Available Technologies

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Licensing Process

While most companies choose to search our available technologies before making contact with OIC, we are always looking for ways to proactively collaborate with industry leaders. If there is a specific technology you are hoping to launch or innovate, we are happy to conduct a focused review of our existing portfolio to find potential alignments.

Once a match is made between an IP and a company, our team coordinates communication between the inventor and the potential licensee to answer any technical questions about the patent. Our legal team then negotiates the terms of the license depending on the level of exclusivity. This process culminates in the completion of a License Agreement, which details the royalty amounts and payment schedule.

The team at OIC is committed to providing the very best service along the licensing process, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We can be reached via (205) 348-5433 or

Industry Resources


Research Institutes & Centers

UA is home to a variety of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary organizations. These institutes and centers address problems by bringing together faculty, students, and staff from various departments, and can provide highly valuable insight to innovators and industry alike. Learn more about our research institutes and centers.

Economic Development

The Office for Economic & Business Engagement focuses on developing strong partnerships with industry in order to align UA research & development strengths and talented students with their needs.  Our ambition is for UA to become the “go-to” University for Industry.