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Alabama Life Research Institute

Pilot Project Program

The ALRI Pilot Project Program (PPP) aims to increase the rate of strong, fundable external grant submissions from UA Faculty who are affiliated with the ALRI. The PPP will encourage research being conducted by transdisciplinary investigative teams that will (a) provide critically necessary empirical pilot data (quantitative and/or qualitative) necessary for a federal grant submission, and (b) include clear timelines and procedures for a federal/foundation research grant submission (separate from the timeline for the pilot project study itself).

All proposals are expected to include a description of how the federal/foundation grant submission will occur. The focus of the PPP should have a clear connection to human health and behavioral outcomes and be based in the life sciences, behavioral sciences, and/or social sciences.

Previous Awardees

Spring 2021

Drs. Nickelson, Amy Lee, Lisa Pawloski, Karen Burgess, and John McDonald
Creating a Model for Accessible and Sustainable Social Support to Improve Breastfeeding Outcomes in Rural Alabama: A Pilot Study

Fall 2021

Drs. Amy Ellis (HES) and Han-A Park (HES)
Lifestyle Factors Influencing Severity of Covid-19 Symptoms in Young Adults

Spring 2020

Drs. Shreyas Rao (Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of Engineering) and Asma Hatoum (Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences)
Controlled delivery of bacterial viruses to combat drug-resistant infections

Fall 2019

Drs. White (Psychology, A&S), Hudec (Psychology, A&S), McDaniel (Special Education and Multiple Abilities, College of Education), and McDonald (Psychology, A&S)
School-based treatment for emotional reactivity: A pilot study

Drs. Kim (Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of Engineering) and Park (Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management, College of Human Environmental Sciences)
Fluid shear stress-induced reactive oxygen species response during cancer metastasis.

Spring 2019

Drs. Malaia (Communicative Disorders) and Soylu (Educational Studies)
Brain pathways for perception-to-cognition in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Reconciling divergent evidence from computational and emotional behavior

Fall 2018

Drs. Berryhill (Human Development), Hopson (Social Work), Carlson (Social Work), and Culmer (CCHS)
Implementing Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) via telemedicine for the treatment of adolescent depression in a rural school context

Drs. Ciesla (Biology) and Bao (Chemical & Biological Engineering):
Design of cell-membrane coated magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for identification of drug leads from natural products

Spring 2018

Drs. Earley (Biology) and Glenn (Psychology)
Validation of a new vertebrate translational model for development of studies of stress responsivity