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Alabama Life Research Institute

Implementation Science

As our communities struggle to address the needs of their residents under resource-constrained conditions, the use of evidence-based strategies in treatment and prevention is even more critical. Implementation science research plays a critical role in optimizing and adapting interventions and the promotion of the uptake of these strategies.

UA has a long history of performing implementation science research with experts in nursing, engineering, education, psychology, anthropology, social work, human development and family studies, and criminal justice.

The mission of the Implementation Science theme is to expand on that tradition by making UA a world leader, particularly in implementing evidence-based research in rural communities.

Affiliated Centers

Alabama Life Research Institute currently has research centers that have at their core implementation science; they include the Center for Youth Development and Intervention, the Center for Interconnected and Behavioral Health, and the Alabama Research Institute for Aging. These centers, in addition to other faculty across campus, have expertise in the theory, practice, and study of implementation science.