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Research Ambassadors

While most classes teach you about what is already known, research puts you on the cutting edge. You get firsthand experience into the material you are learning and may help change the knowledge base of the field. And while research may feel daunting, there are so many people who can serve as a support base such as faculty mentors and peers who want you to succeed and who help to guide you through the process. Research is an integral part of the university and having even a small part of that is extremely beneficial to your college experience.

Amy Cox, Communications Disorders
Mentor: Dr. Paul Reed

Research Ambassador Directory

  • Brooke Bailey

    Microbiology, Pre-Med

    Mentors: Dr. Melanie Higgins; Dr. Jef Naidoo

  • Grace Beauchamp

    Chemistry, Psychology

    Mentor: Dr. Michael Jennings

  • Emma Bumgardner

    Psychology and Criminology

    Mentor: Dr. Lauren Kois

  • Ian Brown

    Chemical Engineering

    Mentor: Dr. Ryan Summers

  • Amy Cox

    Communicative Sciences and Disorders

    Mentor: DR. Paul Reed

  • Garrett Davis


    Mentor: Dr. M.N.V. Ravi Kumar

  • Aubrey Dettman

    Mechanical Engineering, Art History

    Mentor: Dr. Amanda Koh

  • Leah Kathryn Dorsey

    Nursing, Biology

    Mentor: Dr. Pat Carter

  • Nick Elwing

    Pre-Med and History

    Mentor: Dr. Nathan Culmer; Dr. Todd Smith

  • Teralan Matthews


    Mentor: Dr. Brandon Kim

  • Patrick Moore

    Microbiology and Chemistry

    Mentor: Dr. R. Nathan Correll

  • Avery Power

    Athletic Training

    Mentor: Dr. Michael Fedewa

  • Elise Powis

    Psychology and Criminal Justice

    Mentor: Dr. Lauren Kois

  • Deep Singh


    Mentor: Dr. Bradley White

  • Sammy Sipe


    Mentor: Dr. Hayley Macdonald

  • Faith Speights

    Public health

    Mentor: Dr. Amanda Wilkerson