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Getting Ready to Rumble, Research

It’s time for another fight inside a large, second floor lab within The University of Alabama’s Science and Engineering Complex.

Storing Captured Carbon

Three research projects, funded with nearly $13 million, involve University of Alabama scientists studying the feasibility of pumping carbon dioxide into the ground as an alternative to releasing the greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

Healing Notes

Music gives us great pleasure, but it can also be a tool to help people at their most vulnerable moments.

Research in the ‘Place of Last Recourse’

Weeds win over basketball in this lot in a low-income neighborhood surveyed by UA’s John Bolland and college interns.

A Launching Pad for Entrepreneurs

Similarities abound between Donald Trump and The University of Alabama’s Dr. William “Bill” Gathings. No, maybe not the hair, but each has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, and both are ardent promoters of a business-based competition with a reality TV show feel. Ok, so with Trump, it’s more than the feel of reality TV.

Student Innovation

Call it what you want – ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing, physical computing, tangible media – but patent applications now making their way through the approval process could mean big things for The University of Alabama and its M.B.A./M.S. dual degree program for Enterprise Consulting and the computer-based honors program.

Moving to the Research Beat

Don’t call him a break dancer; Wesley Nixon is a b-boy. While the ‘b’ does originate from the word break, it’s considered to some an insult to call it break dancing, a term coined by the media in the 1980s.

UA Works to Stop PD

There’s an almost audible buzz emitting from a basement level laboratory in The University of Alabama’s Biology Building. The five graduate and 10 undergraduate students who work there, alongside Drs. Guy and Kim Caldwell, UA biology professors, are pumped. So too are their aforementioned faculty mentors.

Seizing the Data

Science magazine, arguably the world’s premier research journal for scientists, recently highlighted a University of Alabama undergraduate student’s efforts in constructing an online database on the genetics of epilepsy.

Underground Weather Reports

One of Alabama’s popular spots under the ground is helping University of Alabama scientists understand more about global warming on top of the ground.

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