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Gardening While You Learn

Can’t get your child to eat his or her fruits or vegetables? University of Alabama research indicates gardening could change that.

Stimulate My Brain

Two education professors at The University of Alabama hope low-current brain stimulation can be an answer for students who struggle to learn, recall or retain information.

Suspending Belief: Virtual Reality Lab to Provide Coping, Research Opportunities

The University of Alabama will soon become the third university in the country, researchers say, to have a social work virtual reality lab.

A Psychological Salve: Scientists Study Mind’s Ability to Manage Pain

Researchers are helping patients tap into the healing power of the mind to give hope to persons with pain.

Injecting Hope

Simple requests can sometimes be worthy of spontaneous celebration at The University of Alabama’s Brewer Porch Children’s Center.

Paying Attention to ADHD

A University of Alabama physician co-chairs an effort to write national guidelines for treating ADHD on college campuses.

Community Pulse Keepers

Bernice Washington has her finger on the pulse of her community. By working at a mental health center, learning about ways to treat alcoholism and becoming involved in the reformation of a neighborhood, Washington, a lifelong Tuscaloosan, got to know about the needs of her community.

Hard Choices

Court authorities often struggle to balance protecting society with appropriate treatment for youth who commit crimes. A University of Alabama professor recently authored a psychological test that measures key juvenile concepts and assists professionals in achieving that balance.

Mind Games

People with autism can be highly intelligent, but the way their brains work when they learn may be distinctly different from those without the disorder.

UA Researcher to Create Family ‘Legacies’ to Help Deal with Illness

Few things leave people feeling as helpless and stressed as caring for a seriously ill family member.

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