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Back to Her Roots

A University of Alabama researcher travels back to her hometown seeking to give rural, Southern, black women a stronger voice in scholarly research.

Layer Upon Historical Layer

Dr. Robert Mellown’s research into the architecture of The University of Alabama has uncovered 180 years of campus designers’ and builders’ plans and dreams.

On the Brink: Historian Reveals U.K.’s Dilemma During U.S. Civil War

At a two-day meeting of the British Cabinet in late 1862, the most powerful men in the United Kingdom were on the brink of intervening in the Civil War raging in America.

Peruvian Mummies, Seashells Share Historical Climate Insight

Shells from mollusks presented to the dead during ancient funeral ceremonies are keys to helping a University of Alabama geologist gauge ocean movements near the Peruvian coast from as much as 13,000 years ago.

A Search Renewed: De Soto, Tascalusa Battle Site Remains Elusive

Almost 500 years after Hernando De Soto explored the Americas, University of Alabama researchers are reinvigorating efforts to break one of many links between fruitless searches and the Spanish conquistador.

Historian Uncovers New Freedoms, Fears among Christians in China

Changes in communist China’s attitudes toward religion have allowed many Catholics to live in the open, but they live in terror – their freedom may be removed at any moment.

All in the Hips

The crashing of the enormous fluked tail on the surface of the ocean is a “calling card” of modern whales. Living whales have no back legs, and their front legs take the form of flippers that allow them to steer. Their special tails provide the powerful thrust necessary to move their huge bulk.

Stalking the Ghost Bird

When Dr. Michael Steinberg was 11, he was cutting through a coastal pine forest to go fishing while he and his parents were vacationing near Fort Meyers, Fla. As he was walking, he caught sight of three big woodpeckers, two of which seemed to be engaged in some kind of courtship ritual.

Hanging by a Thread

Going down any red carpet these days, a celebrity is always asked, “Who are you wearing,” referring to the clothes’ designer.

Uncovering Well-Kept Secrets

Access to the Vatican Secret Archives is a privilege granted to only a limited number of researchers each year. Dr. Anthony Clark, assistant professor of Chinese history at The University of Alabama, had access to the Secret Archives and the Pope’s private library in Vatican City last summer to research 14th through 17th century letters between European and Chinese monarchs.

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