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Scrubbing CO2: A Patented Alternative for Capturing Emissions

A University of Alabama engineering professor hopes efforts in his lab to find different chemicals from those now used to clean industrial emissions will lead to cheaper and more efficient carbon capture methods.

An Extra Edge: Simulation, UA Help Automakers Save

Two engineering professors are working with industry to solve key issues in automotive manufacturing, using computers to save the companies time and money.

Fly Like This

University of Alabama researchers look to nature, including the design of butterfly wings, for flight inspiration.

A Lighter Landing

Advances in military aircraft technology since World War II are astounding, but updates to the temporary, portable materials on which those craft sometimes land have not kept pace. Researchers at The University of Alabama and the Army Corps of Engineers seek to modernize those runways.

Sunny Days

Using sunlight to create energy may seem a simple concept, but simple ideas often take creative solutions to become reality.

Shaping Safer Scans

A patented technique relying on shape manipulation of nanoparticles offers potential for safer MRIs.

Energy Supply Problem 2.0

A University of Alabama engineering professor hopes to swap rare-earth minerals used in electric machines with more abundant substitutes to drive down costs and encourage swifter adoption.

Soaking Up Noise

Deafening noise during combustion can lead to jet engine failure. A University of Alabama engineering professor, working with the U.S. Navy, uses a sponge-like material to reduce engine noise at its source.

When the Earth Shakes

Within The University of Alabama’s South Engineering Research Center, professors are leading international efforts aimed at improving building codes and retrofitting existing buildings to reduce earthquake risks.

‘This is Tomorrow’

A materials science camp is one of several initiatives where The University of Alabama reaches into K-12 classrooms through its direct interaction with elementary, middle and high-school teachers.

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