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Gardening While You Learn

Can’t get your child to eat his or her fruits or vegetables? University of Alabama research indicates gardening could change that.

Stimulate My Brain

Two education professors at The University of Alabama hope low-current brain stimulation can be an answer for students who struggle to learn, recall or retain information.

‘This is Tomorrow’

A materials science camp is one of several initiatives where The University of Alabama reaches into K-12 classrooms through its direct interaction with elementary, middle and high-school teachers.

A Magnet for Enrichment: UA Partnership Provides Mentors, More to Local Magnet School

Inside the cafeteria at Tuscaloosa Magnet School, Sarah Barry is building a dance with eight students. She is among dozens of University of Alabama faculty and students working with the elementary school students in an ongoing enrichment program.

‘Funny Guy’ Investigates Ties Between Classroom Humor, Student Performance

A University of Alabama educator has spent more than a decade researching the use of humor in the classroom.

Beyond Campus’ Borders: Educators, Engineers Reach to Middle, High-Schoolers

UA researchers are studying the impact “service learning” can have on academics, and, in a separate effort, UA engineers are incorporating engineering applications into existing middle school science and math courses. Combined, the two efforts have drawn more than $3.65 million in external funding to benefit middle and high school students.

Listening to the Voices Inside Your Head

When students make mistakes in the classroom, teachers are instructed to use immediate feedback. This makes a strong impression and ensures that students won’t repeat the mistakes again and again.

Moving to the Research Beat

Don’t call him a break dancer; Wesley Nixon is a b-boy. While the ‘b’ does originate from the word break, it’s considered to some an insult to call it break dancing, a term coined by the media in the 1980s.

When the ‘Terrible Twos’ Don’t Go Away

A University of Alabama psychologist with international success in modifying aggressive behavior in children is working with dozens of elementary schools to further gauge his program’s effectiveness in reducing substance abuse risks.

The Children of the Black Belt: UA Offers Help and Hope

Pick a grim statistic—poverty, infant deaths, poor education, births to single mothers, unemployment, gaps in health care—and you’ll find the counties of Alabama’s Black Belt at the top of each category.

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