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‘The Bees, I Just Quite Like Them’

Some people enjoy tracking spring’s first robin. Others … well … they get their buzz from focusing on smaller winged creatures.

Studying Salamanders to Size up Climate Change

A UA doctoral student’s collaborative research with the Smithsonian Institute revealed salamanders are shrinking – a phenomenon linked to climate change, researchers hypothesize.

Getting Ready to Rumble, Research

It’s time for another fight inside a large, second floor lab within The University of Alabama’s Science and Engineering Complex.

Going Viral: Surgeon, Professor Team in New Approach to Pain Treatment

A Tuscaloosa-based surgeon’s theory related to chronic pain is likely headed for a clinical trial early next year, and it’s drawing support from a University of Alabama researcher who studies how viruses replicate.

Living on the (Botanical) Edge

John Clark doesn’t seem like a violent man. Yet, a group once wondered aloud whether he was one of those “foreigners who kills people and puts them in boiling water and extracts their fat to cook with.”

Fat Flies Reveal Obesity Clues

Some of the lowliest — not to mention lightest — of creatures are helping a University of Alabama scientist better understand the genetics behind weight gain.

The Wisdom of (Non Scientific) Crowds

Astronomers, like scientists in many other fields, are turning in increasing numbers to “citizen scientists,” members of the general public who often have zero formal training in science but who have a keen interest in a particular topic and show both a willingness and an aptitude to contribute.

Could ‘Multi-Vitamins’ for Microbes Help Protect Marshes from Oil?

A high-tech version of a basic principle used 8,000 years ago in reducing unwanted materials is at the heart of an effort by University of Alabama scientists to lessen the Gulf oil spill’s impact on fragile coastal marshes.

Researcher Explores ‘Cryptic,’ Abundant Algae

If you brushed your teeth this morning, poured dressing on your salad at lunch, or licked the cold sweetness of ice cream from your lips this afternoon, you’ve likely had a close encounter with algae.

Researchers Study Stream Ecology in the Arctic

A group of University of Alabama researchers regularly endure the Arctic’s frigid conditions to learn more about the relationships between the area’s free-flowing streams and the organisms that survive, even thrive, because of those streams.

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