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Learning the Language

The University’s ABCD Lab seeks answers about the nature of children’s language development.

The Smallest Victims

Standard interview approaches used in child abuse cases too often result in incomplete pictures, says a University of Alabama social work professor researching the typical practices taken with young victims.

Back to Her Roots

A University of Alabama researcher travels back to her hometown seeking to give rural, Southern, black women a stronger voice in scholarly research.

‘The Myth of Martyrdom’

One frequently uses explosive devices, the other bullets. But, suicide terrorists and mass shooters share similarities, according to a University of Alabama criminal justice expert.

Stimulate My Brain

Two education professors at The University of Alabama hope low-current brain stimulation can be an answer for students who struggle to learn, recall or retain information.

Borrowing for Health

There is limited research on whether families use unsecured debt to finance health care expenses. Dr. Patryk Babiarz hopes to change that.

Sports: The Common Language

A leader in sports, athletically, The University of Alabama launches a sports communication research program.

Suspending Belief: Virtual Reality Lab to Provide Coping, Research Opportunities

The University of Alabama will soon become the third university in the country, researchers say, to have a social work virtual reality lab.

Layer Upon Historical Layer

Dr. Robert Mellown’s research into the architecture of The University of Alabama has uncovered 180 years of campus designers’ and builders’ plans and dreams.

Getting Ready to Rumble, Research

It’s time for another fight inside a large, second floor lab within The University of Alabama’s Science and Engineering Complex.

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