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Sunny Days

Using sunlight to create energy may seem a simple concept, but simple ideas often take creative solutions to become reality.

Particle Physics, Post-Higgs

Two University of Alabama physicists who were part of the Higgs boson discovery team say the fun has just begun

Energy Supply Problem 2.0

A University of Alabama engineering professor hopes to swap rare-earth minerals used in electric machines with more abundant substitutes to drive down costs and encourage swifter adoption.

No Mountain Too Low

Global earthquakes help a University of Alabama geologist image a mostly ice-buried mountain range in Antarctica.

A Catalyst for Jobs

As anyone who has picked up a newspaper — or stood in an unemployment line — knows, creating jobs in today’s economic climate is a slow-lane struggle. In partnership with UA faculty and staff, two departments seek to use campus breakthroughs to accelerate lane changes.

Getting Ready to Rumble, Research

It’s time for another fight inside a large, second floor lab within The University of Alabama’s Science and Engineering Complex.

Living on the (Botanical) Edge

John Clark doesn’t seem like a violent man. Yet, a group once wondered aloud whether he was one of those “foreigners who kills people and puts them in boiling water and extracts their fat to cook with.”

Soaking Up Noise

Deafening noise during combustion can lead to jet engine failure. A University of Alabama engineering professor, working with the U.S. Navy, uses a sponge-like material to reduce engine noise at its source.

When the Earth Shakes

Within The University of Alabama’s South Engineering Research Center, professors are leading international efforts aimed at improving building codes and retrofitting existing buildings to reduce earthquake risks.

‘This is Tomorrow’

A materials science camp is one of several initiatives where The University of Alabama reaches into K-12 classrooms through its direct interaction with elementary, middle and high-school teachers.

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