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A Slimmer Tomorrow

The University of Alabama takes an interdisciplinary approach to combating obesity in efforts to create “A Slimmer Tomorrow.”

Shaping Safer Scans

A patented technique relying on shape manipulation of nanoparticles offers potential for safer MRIs.

Who Will Deliver My Baby?

A University of Alabama physician addressed why family physicians have stopped providing maternity care and offered suggestions on how to alleviate the problem in a recent report.

Borrowing for Health

There is limited research on whether families use unsecured debt to finance health care expenses. Dr. Patryk Babiarz hopes to change that.

Getting Ready to Rumble, Research

It’s time for another fight inside a large, second floor lab within The University of Alabama’s Science and Engineering Complex.

Going Viral: Surgeon, Professor Team in New Approach to Pain Treatment

A Tuscaloosa-based surgeon’s theory related to chronic pain is likely headed for a clinical trial early next year, and it’s drawing support from a University of Alabama researcher who studies how viruses replicate.

A Psychological Salve: Scientists Study Mind’s Ability to Manage Pain

Researchers are helping patients tap into the healing power of the mind to give hope to persons with pain.

Fat Flies Reveal Obesity Clues

Some of the lowliest — not to mention lightest — of creatures are helping a University of Alabama scientist better understand the genetics behind weight gain.

Breaking Down Autism

A University of Alabama researcher finds a possible lipid metabolism disorder in children with autism.

Hypertension Study Has Finger on Community’s Pulse

After learning that African-American women in Alabama had the highest death rate from heart disease — even though they account for less than a third of the state’s female population — a University of Alabama nursing professor was compelled to ask why.

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